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About us

We have been providing ethical, trustworthy, and confidential recruitment services based on unwavering integrity. Our team of recruiters boasts extensive experience with in-depth industry knowledge. Our primary objective is to connect candidates with roles that align with their individual aspirations while delivering candidates to clients perfectly suited to their diverse teams.

More than 65 percent of candidates are referred to us, a testament to the confidence our clients have in choosing Huckerby & Partners as their trusted partner in initiating their search.

Comprehensive Insights for an Evolving Market

In the ever-evolving market, we offer comprehensive discussions, providing you with concise insights into specific teams, hiring partners, and a firm’s strategic direction. We serve as a valuable intermediary, recognising the unique pressures faced by professionals, between candidates and firms. Our commitment extends beyond the present, as we aspire to be a dependable recruitment partner throughout a lawyer’s career journey.